Oversize cargos

Unusual sizes of commodities? It is not a problem for us!

The MAJU Logistics Company employs a team of people, who are not afraid of extreme challenges. Our offer includes usage of supplementary trailers designed for professional transport (with extended length and width). The transport of the oversize cargo is coordinated by our pilots and additional navigation services cooperating with them.

The track for delivery purposes is always carefully planned. We care about proper securing of the commodity during the entire logistics process, starting from loading to unloading at the destination.

Moreover, negative influence on environment is significantly limited, as we follow all rules of the road transport and time of work of our drivers. It is crucial for employees to cause as little problems as it possible – it is the case with other drivers as well.

If you are in possession of a commodity that is of unusual dimensions – contact us, please. We can guarantee that our company will execute the order properly.

We will be glad to answer all your questions BIURO@MAJULOGISTICS.PL

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